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5on Google,May 09, 2022


Dr. Richard Nassab is the best Chiropractor in the area by far! His use of the Gonstead technique is gentle and more effective than any other chiropractic method I have experienced. He has helped me with several issues, including neck injuries, back pain, carpal tunnel, and other ailments I've dealt with. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family.

5on Google,Feb 03, 2021


I have been going to Dr. Nassab for a few months and I waited this long to write this review. Reason is that I wanted to ensure I wrote a complete review of my experience, start to finish. I reached out to Dr. Nassab after scouring the reviews of a gonstead chiropractor. I decided to go with Dr. Nassab and scheduled my appt. Upon initial consultation, he asked you to go get X-rays on the effects areas. He gave me the address to the X-ray center and it was close by, quick and affordable. I came back and he already had the X-rays loaded in his system. From there I had my first adjustment. After my first adjustment, I was reluctant to move forward based on a common theme of Dr. Nassab, “dragging” appointments over time. However, I went with my gut and moved forward. While that can be a concern, I can assure you that it is the best option. We are creatures of habit and if you jam years or months of issues into one adjustment, you may still need to go back anyway. For me, coming to my weekly appt, made my week so much better and chipped away at my issues gradually. Subsequently, my back pain has dramatically decreased and my neck pain is pretty much gone all together. Lastly, there is Dr. Nassab himself. He is an all around great guy, with a lot of knowledge, a youthful personality and keen sense of how to make you feel better. I will definitely miss going to Dr. Nassab as I am moving but I HIGHLY recommend his services!

5on Google,Sep 06, 2020


My experience with Dr.Nassab was great! He’s really nice and he really know what he’s doing! I had hip pain and he was able to figure out the cause and fix it for me with just a few visits!! I feel so much better since I’ve visited him! I would definitely recommend him!

5on Google,Sep 05, 2020


Richard is very professional in what he does i would reccomend him!!

5on Google,Sep 05, 2020


chiropractic services are excellent. The office put safety and quality of services above everything else. My daughter started using the services when she was pregnant and it was a life saver for her. I started using services on my neck and back are hurting and I’m definitely feeling much better. Then my other daughter started using his services and she is feeling great as well. So now I’m going to send my husband to help him with his back issues. Very impressive office very impressive Dr. I have hypertension and he would take my blood pressure before we started and then my blood pressure after and there were significant drops every single time. I highly recommend this chiropractic office for any needs you have

5on Google,Sep 05, 2020


Dr Nassab took me in and really took care of my issues. I had relief in minutes of seeing him. He was the first chiropractor that was able to really give me a good adjustment. Will be seeing him again soon.

5on BirdEye,Aug 27, 2020


This is a long overdue review. I found Dr. Nassab one Saturday when I needed immediate help. He has since helped me with back, shoulder and knee issues. I am always amazed at how accurate he is with his treatment. Sometimes, the very smallest adjustment provides tremendous relief. Dr. Nassab listens and addresses all my needs and questions and I appreciate that! I've been a patient for 3 years and cannot imagine using any one else.

5on Google,Jun 19, 2020


Dr. Richard Nassab is the best Gonstead Chiropractor in the Bay Area! I started coming to the Doc when I hurt my back and a trusted friend highly recommended him as the top Chiropractor in the area. Not only did the Doc help turn that around quickly, he now has addressed many other pains I had just learned to deal with throughout my life. I have stopped having to live on Advil and feel better than I have since I was a teenager, and that was a very long time ago 😉 If you are looking to get pain free, I highly recommend the Doc!

5on Google,Feb 06, 2020


The first time I've enjoyed going to a chiropractor. Dr. Richard Nassab is very kind, informative, and was/is realistic with my recovery plan. He did a great job explaining why I was having certain types of pain and he gave me a plan that I could fit in my budget, as well as into my busy mom life. Every other chiropractor I had talked to either said they couldn't treat me with scoliosis or said I needed to come to them twice a week for a few months. Dr. Richard Nassab treated me the very next morning after getting an email from me. He came up with a realistic plan and now I see him once a month and have never felt better. I no longer wake up with back pain everyday, I couldn't be happier.

5on Google,Feb 05, 2020


Dr. Nassab is a life saver! Ive always suffered from back pain but it got to a point that it was everyday and no matter what I was doing or sitting/laying the pain was crippling (I also had a badly pinched nerve in my neck as well). I went in to see Dr. Nassab, he did x-rays, explained everything, did my first adjustment, and then he went over how I needed to take care of myself short term and long term. I have to say, I was a little skeptical , but I was desperate and am now so so grateful! I never/rarely experience back pain (or neck) anymore and it only took about 5 appointments if I'm not mistaken. Dr. Nassab is not out to run you around the block and take your money. There was no upfront huge payment for a treatment set, but rather an apt by apt evaluation to actually help you. Experienced, trustworthy, and honest man that actually HELPS!