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“My name is Mary. The specific problems that I was having were with my neck, shoulders, hips, severe headaches and mid-back region.  With regard to my neck, I was unable to perform the simplest of tasks, such as turning my head from side to side.  I was unable to lift my arms without shooting pains in my shoulders and my middle upper back would burn and hurt almost constantly.  Sleep was next to impossible.

I spoke with Dr. Nassab and asked him if he thought this was a condition that should be treated by a medical physician or if he thought chiropractic care should be sought.  I can honestly say I am “pain-free”.  If your results are as good as mine, you won’t be sorry!”

Thank you Dr. Nassab!


Dear Dr. Nassab,

Thank you so much for relieving my pain. After my car accident I thought my back would be in pain forever, but I was wrong. After a quick visit to your practice my pain was gone.

Thank you Dr. Nassab!



  1. Having had surgery on my lower back 16 years ago to relieve sciatic nerve pressure was only the beginning of my road to pain. While the surgery did provide immediate relief for the sciatic pain I was informed by the doctor that it was not a permanent fix. I would be lucky if I could manage 10 years before seeking further medical attention. The hope was that there would be a breakthrough in disc replacement technology by then. Over the years I have had numerous incidents where that same area of my back has caused me great suffering. After a little bit of babying I am usually back on my feet again. However, a recent boogy boarding romp in the Pacific ocean sent me over the edge. One morning I woke up early, rolled out of bed and found that I couldn’t walk for the excruciating stabbing in my lower back. I suffered motionless on the floor for four hours before agreeing to medical transport to the hospital. In the emergency room I was assessed and drugged to relieve the muscle spasms. I was released in the afternoon, in a drug induced stupor, crooked back and defeated. About four days later I realized my life was slipping away in a fog and decided to stop the drugs. A friend drove me to Dr. Nassab. He was able to quickly assess my situation and get me back on the road to recovery. I trust his experience and knowledge to keep me going even though the odds are against me following herniated disc surgery 16 years ago. It’s been about seven months since that last episode. The fear of getting out of bed and being unable to walk has diminished, now I can look forward to another day. Thanks Doc.

  2. I have been putting off going to see a doctor for my ongoing and worsening back pain and discomfort. It finally got to the point where it was becoming too painful to workout as I am accustomed to. I went to see Dr. Nassab and I am real glad I did. Not only did he provide me with a thorough analysis of what was going on with me physically, he took the time to discuss a long term plan for my health and wellness. I know its not supposed to always work like this, but after the one adjsutment I went home and was so pumped up to have my back feel as good as it has in years! What a difference. Best money I have ever spent! Ive tried other remedies, heck I spend $50 bucks a month on Advil, but this is the way to go and where I will be going from now on…THANKS RICH! John Radecke

  3. No Substitute for Experience!!!

    My wife & I have been patients of Doctor Nassab for several years; this year will be our 10th to be exact. We have been proponents of natural healing for the last 15 years and have tried other chiropractors before fate intervened and we found ourselves at the care of “Doc Rich”! We both have had severe injuries to our back and our thought was that we needed to only fix our lower back issues; after all, that is where the pain was. It was discovered that we had more severe problems from our accidents and if it wasn’t for the experience of Doc Rich, it would have never been detected. We have two young girls, ages 7 & 10 that started with his care a few years back as well, both very active kids with wrestling & Kajukenbo. I share this part of our story mainly due to the realistic value of Doc Rich’s care. With economic issues affecting our family, we had to temporarily put off our chiropractic care. Doc Rich graciously extended a payment plan to us so that we can continue without the financial burden. We regrettably turned him down at that time. It wasn’t until we started to see the effects on our children, when one day our 7 year old said ” When are we going to see Doc Rich again, my body really hurts”. That next Monday I called Doc Rich and asked if the offer he made months ago still stands, he said ” Just come in, we’ll make it work”!
    Doc, we are forever indebted to your gifted hands!
    The Abramson’s

  4. Hello all my name is David, i have been getting adjusted by Dr. Nassab about 6-7 years now. Prior to that i was and still am an avid basketball player who played both collegiately and over seas and kept playing well into my 40’s and 40’s as well as having a very industrious job that required a lot of lifting. About 6-7 years ago i started having back pain that would protrude down my hamstrings, my sister at the time worked with Dr. Nassab and had me see him after my exam and xray he discovered that my pelvis was out of place and putting pressure on my hamstrings caused from playing basketball and lifting from my job. After a few adjustments not only was my pain gone but i am able to play basketball again at a very high level and i will be 50 in a few months. Periodic adjustments and a healthier lifestyle allow me to recreate and feel better thanks to Dr. Nassab.

  5. I have been seeing Dr. Nassab for a couple of years now.

    He is very compassionate and more concerned with getting his patients back to living a healthy lifestyle.

    He will not turn anyone away no matter what your financial situation is.

    I’ve had issues with TMJ and he said it would take three months to get this back to normal… an I’m at the three month mark and his diagnosis was right on.

    I see him every two weeks for my neck adjustments…just to keep everything in line.

    I suffer from occasional headaches too and these have decreased since I’ve been seeing Dr. Nassab

  6. I would like to be the first to say Dr Richard Nassab is one of best Chiropractors I have had. Every since I started chiropractic treatments my life has changed for the best physically and mentally. At first I didn’t think a chiropractor could assist me with my problems. In 2008 I was experiencing severe migraine headaches. After being adjusted by him on a monthly basis, my migraines were completely vanished. I returned to him twice, once for an auto accident in November 2010 and in August of 2011. Both times I was adjusted on a weekly basis. Dr Nassab adjustments allowed me to recover quickly and he was always there to explain my treatments and how to take care of myself outside the office. He also took his time to always answer any questions I had as well.

  7. Dr. Nassab is a natural healer which is abundantly clear after just one consultation. He emphasis not just stopping any pain and fixing any problems your body might have, but also being proactive in living a healthy lifestyle and exploring new natural ways of keeping your body and mind lively. I have been under Dr. Nassab’s care for the majority of my adult life, and I can’t imagine living without him. When I don’t seem him on a regular basis I feel as if I am enduring life instead of living it. Richard is able to connect with you on an emotional level and is not satisfied until your body is at peace. I am constantly amazed as to how Richard is able to heal all aches in my body no matter where the pain is.

  8. By Mike Lewis
    After an adjustment by Dr. Nassab, nothing gets me back on track faster.

  9. By Craig A
    Dr. Nassab has a unique ability to uncover the root of your symptoms and treat them with a variety of approaches. We have been patients for almost 15 years and have experienced an increased level of health, and very rarely get sick, due in large part to his chiropractic care. Dr. Nassab also treats our 2 young children, which are heavily involved in martial arts and since under his care, our kids very rarely get ailments brought back from school…

  10. By Kate Bechthold
    I usually go to Dr. Nassab due to a sports injury of one type or another. He is very good at giving me exercises to assist my healing – and they work! If it isn’t a sports injury that sends me for an adjustment it is a neck or back problem due to too much computer work. He is an excellent chiropractor and I appreciate his care very much!

  11. By Peter O’Hara, D.C.
    I have personally trained hundreds of chiropractors over the last 40 years and Dr. Nassab has stood out to be one of the best. His technique skills, utilizing the Gonstead method is outstanding. He’s compassionate, devoted to excellence and truly represents the highest level of expertise. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for results.

  12. By Mitchell Kinter
    My back was in a bad place before I came to Nassab and he got me moving again. Also after I hurt my back at work and could not work. The physical therapists could not help much. When I was allowed I came to Nassab and he had me back at work ahead of schedule. My wife was having issues as well and he took care of her. Nassab saved us both from a lot of pain and further damage and helped us to prevent further problems.

  13. By Vince Penza
    Doctor Nassab loves what he does and it shows. He works around your schedule and if you have to be seen that day because you can’t stand the discomfort he is always good about getting you in.

  14. By Michael Taylor
    I have been to a lot of different chiropractors in my time, and I have to say, Dr. Nassab is at the top of the list. He actually listens to you, and he designs a plan to fit your individual needs. He is always courteous and more than ready to help. I would recommend Dr. Nassab to anyone who is searching for a great chiropractor!

  15. By Eric Johnson
    The title pretty much says it all. I have been going to Dr. Nassab weekly for about 12 years for treatment of injuries suffered when I was younger, and he has worked very hard to understand my issues and takes an interest in the “big picture” of my health. He is focused on the root cause, not simply treating the symptoms. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a qualified healer.


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