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1. Thinking that it will just go away.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. If ignored, most back problems just get   worse and can lead to disc degeneration and spinal decay. It would be like if the oil light came on in your car and rather than add oil, you just cut the light.

2. Masking the symptoms with pain killers and muscle relaxants:

Pain killers do not do anything to fix the cause of the problem and have side effects. Even aspirin is linked to liver and kidney disorders each and every year. Muscle relaxants do nothing to fix the cause of the problem and can lead to further damage.

3. Expecting that exercise will cure the problem:

Exercise is good, and everyone can benefit from it. If however, you exercise on an injured joint, you can make the problem worse. Exercise alone won’t correct a spinal/bio-mechanical problem. Just like brushing and flossing your teeth are good, but only your dentist can fix the cavity.

4. Treating your condition with massage and or therapy:

These are great ways to relieve tight muscles or muscle spasms. If you have joint dysfunction these methods can not fix the problem.

5. Having back surgery:

It is largely ineffective.  9 out of 10 surgeries result in a worse condition or no change at all. Surgery is high risk and should always be the last alternative.

So what can you do? It is important to have a doctor who specializes in spinal joint dysfunction (Subluxation) and have a proper evaluation. Dr. Richard Nassab is highly trained in this area. If it is determined that you have bio-mechanical or structural spinal dysfunction, research has shown that patients benefit greatly from Chiropractic care.
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