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1. Experiment:
Allow yourself to have anything and everything you want to eat, but become a fabulous food manager. Food may not make you fat, but food abuse might! Choose seasonal foods you aren’t likely to eat during the rest of the year — eliminate those commonly available.

2. Serve Yourself:
Take very small portions, eat slowly, and pay close attention to taste and cues of becoming full. Enjoy seconds or thirds of what you love, but keep the portions small . Leftovers are either wasted in the garbage or wasted on your body, and the former is much less fattening!

3. Politely Push Away:
Handle well-intentioned hosts who continually offer more food by showering them with compliments and appreciation. And kindly refusing to overindulged.

4. Know Your Limits:
Fats are fattening — so eat nuts one at a time and eliminate some crusts on pies. Begin with slivers of appealing deserts, and go back for more if you want. But don’t hoard everything onto one plate.

5. Be Active:
Continue to exercise by adapting to the season. Dress in layers with a hat, remembering that outdoor activity warms you up quickly. Try a family activity or work out inside, run up and down stairs, or sneak away to the gym, even for 20 minutes!

6. Compensate:
Minimize calories throughout the day or week eat small healthy snack. Doing this before going to events can help you avoid being ravenous and maximize control of your hunger.

7. Chiropractic:
Everything works better with an adjustment.

Remember, deprivation as well as over-indulgence can sabotage any reasonable plan, so enjoy responsibly. Happy Holidays!