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A healthy human heart contracts at the rate of 70 contractions per minute. The blood circulation is made of two cycles, the systolic and the diastolic.
Systolic: The systolic blood system comes into action when the heart contracts. Upon contraction, the oxygen rich blood from the heart is pumped out into the arteries, from where it is sent to all the organs of the body. The AV node initiates the contraction through a nerve signal, for this reason it is called the “pacemaker” of the heart.
Diastolic: The diastolic circulation starts when the veins send deoxygenated blood from the organs of the body back to the heart through a contraction mechanism. The heart is in its “relaxed” phase then, that is, the period between two consecutive contractions.
Chiropractic and Blood Circulation
Chiropractic helps to better the blood circulation system to reduce swelling, soft tissue injuries and other disorders of the body. Increased blood circulation also reduces the blood pressure by bringing down the rate of heart beat. Better circulation means removal of toxic wastes from the body by the blood, as well as better supply of oxygen rich blood to the body.
What is Nitric Oxide?
The discovery of a molecule called Nitric Oxide (N-O) or the “Master Regulator” has caused the health industry to begin rethinking the way it approaches heart disease.
Nitric oxide (N-O) is a very important ʻsignalingʼ molecule in the body that
transmits messages to cells for proper function. The critical importance of nitric
oxide is undeniable by the number and quality of publications coming from the biomedical science community.

When N-O is created and released in the body, it sends off crucial signals inside
every cell, tissue, organ and system where it commands:
• Blood vessels to relax so they can expand which reduces blood pressure
and increases circulating oxygen and nutrients
• Blood platelets to become less sticky
• The immune system to destroy invading disease-producing agents
• Brain cells to communicate with each other for proper brain function

Tools such as Nitric Oxide and other nutritional aids are used to aid you and the Chiropractic Adjustment.

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