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Dr. Nassab’s Clinical Discussions:

I. Findings
Definition: Plantar fasciitis is a painful foot condition caused by inflammation of the plantar
fascia – the thick ligamentous connective tissue that runs from the heel to the ball of the
foot. It seems this affliction is currently very active in my practice. This particular
patient is a 30 plus year old young lady that is very active and is experiencing extreme fascia
pain.(over 1 year) The burning pain is new but, she was a gymnast in high school and
college with feet pain. So the injuries may have happened prior to her current pain and
need for an adjustment. She was unable to walk, run, and sleep do to the pain. Along with
this was some low back pain.

II. Treatment
Treatment has been very successful and encouraging. It all begins with the spinal subluxations and then there are adjustments to the ankle and foot subluxations.
We needed to tape her feet for an extended period of time with icing as needed. Once the
low back cleared up and the ankle and foot joints were moving freely ,her pain began to
subside. At this point a discussion of shoes, possible orthotics, and or inserts are made.
III. Prognosis and Outcome
As we can see this is a very detailed and focused treatment of all the possible scenario’s that
had and may have happened. Our goal was to free up any nerve interference, any foot
entrapments, any foot or ankle adhesions, and develop a good protocol for foot wear.
Our treatment was successful and now she can hit the pavement running!!!

IV. Dr. Nassab’s Discussion
This treatment took time, with a very positive outcome. We fortunately did not need to
replace all of her shoes but, the athletic shoes were the key. Once her ankle began to move
freely enough, we used inserts on her athletic shoes only. She now comes in on a
maintenance basis for her health with the occasional need to adjust her ankle or two.

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