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Dr. Nassab’s Clinical Discussions:

I. Findings
Hypothyroidism is a condition where your thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid
hormone. Low levels of thyroid hormone interfere with the body’s ability to perform normal
metabolic functions such as efficient use of energy from food products, regulation of many
chemical reactions in the body, and maintenance of healthy cells, bones and muscles, to
name a few..
Going back a number of years in practice, we had a young lady of 28. She is a mother of 3
and came in to see me due to chronic fatigue and general malaise ( or just not feeling
well).Her symptoms began after the birth of her 3rd son. She was experiencing extreme joint
pain and fatigue. She was prescribed antidepressants and was told all her blood work ups
were normal. Basically she was told she had post partum depression.
II. Treatment
Her treatment was initially Chiropractic adjustments. As time and treatment continued we
measured her basal temperature and noticed an extreme change. With supplementation
and adjustments her condition began to change. Once we were able to break the pain
patterns we added exercise. Despite the fact she was raising 3 sons she needed separate
alone time to exercise.
III. Prognosis and Outcome
Her outcome was amazing. Her general malaise began to subside within the first 2weeks.
Once she felt she was beginning the recovery process she was able to quit the anti
depressant medication. Her dedication towards recovery and healing really drove her to
recover completely and continue on with her life. On a side note not only did she get better
she went back to school to become a landscape engineer and designer.
IV. Dr. Nassab’s Discussion

This was such a great example of using Chiropractic for normalizing the body. She did not

have all the normal hypothyroid symptoms but enough to slow her down and fall into the
take drugs model. Fortunately for her all turned well and more.

There is no such thing as overnight success, it takes hard work and dedication.

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