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The most common sources of localized elbow pain stem from either nerve pressure or tendonitis as a result of a local misalignment. Nerves which exit the cervical spine travel through a bundle called the brachial plexus and run through the shoulder, wrist and fingers. Irritation to these nerves can lead to referred pain anywhere along the nerve path. Nerve pain is typically a sharp, radiating, “tooth ache” type of pain. Tendonitis is very common in the elbow and is commonly referred to as tennis elbow (tendonitis on the outside or lateral epicondylitis) and golfer’s elbow (tendonitis on the inside or medial epicondylitis). The damage that tennis or golfer’s elbow incurs consists of tiny tears in the tendon and muscle covering. This usually results from trauma, repetitive motion, or overuse. Collagen, a protein, leaks from the injured area causing inflammation. The resulting pressure or misalignment can result in pinching of the radial or ulna nerves which run through the elbow.
I will recommend certain treatment measures to relieve the misalignment. The most important is to completely rest the elbow and ice it down to reduce the inflammation. An elbow brace or strap may be required if the problem continues and total rest is impossible. I will examine the problem and locate any problems with the function of the elbow. A misalignment in the shoulders, neck, or upper back may lead to compensation injuries in the arms and elbows, so these adjustments may be enough to fix the problem for some people.
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