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Dr. Nassab’s Clinical Discussions:

I. Findings
Your spine is made up of 26 bones called vertebrae. In between them are discs filled
with a jelly like substance mostly compressed water. These discs cushion the
vertebrae and keep them in place. As you age or get injured, the discs can break down
or degenerate. As they do, they lose their cushioning ability. This can lead to pain or
what is called the Subluxation. A herniated disc is a disc that ruptures. This allows the
jelly like center of the disc to leak and or a bulge, irritating the nearby nerves.
This is the most common injury I see in my practice. So I will just present a typical
patient pain protocol. Typically the acute version of this patient is usually a hidden
Subluxation waiting to happen. What I mean by that is the patient will walk in and
something like; Doc, I don’t know what happened , I turned to lift a tissue up off the
floor and couldn’t straighten up. I now have low back pain and nothing is working.
This is why I always x-ray my patients, over 18 years old, to aid with the diagnosis of a pre-existing
II. Treatment
Treatment begins almost immediately with the consultation, exam, and x-ray. We
always try to adjust and ice the patient as soon as it is possible, meaning that 1st visit or relatively soon. My goal is to begin the “healing crisis” as soon as possible. On
occasion I am able to help relieve the pain quickly. The adjustment is very specific
and very dependent on the diagnosis.
III. Prognosis and Outcome
Fortunately this condition and symptoms, are greatly helped by Chiropractic. The
percentages are very high for pain recovery and reparation of the condition.
My goal is to educate my patients , ergonomics, exercise, and of course Chiropractic.
When my patients follow the protocol set up for them they usually respond extremely
IV. Dr. Nassab’s Discussion
This process is not an overnight recovery. In order to herniated a disc it usually
requires a great deal of a rotation force or a chronic degeneration of the area,
usually a repetition type movement.
Chiropractic works very well for disc herniation and most patients recover nicely.
Please do not wait for the pain to go away it will always manifest later on as a
chronic condition and lengthen the course of care.

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