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Dr. Nassab’s Clinical Discussions:

I. Findings
There are three types of primary headaches: tension-type (muscular contraction headache), migraine (vascular headaches), and cluster. Virtually everyone experiences a tension-type headache at some point. An estimated 18% of American women suffer migraines, compared to 6% of men. Cluster headaches affect fewer than 0.5% of the population, and men account for approximately 80% of all cases. Headaches caused by illness are secondary headaches and are not included in these numbers, neither are the chemical headaches, hormone related headaches, digestion related headaches, and or environmental related headaches.
Approximately 40-45 million people in the United States suffer chronic headaches. Headaches have an enormous impact on society due to missed workdays and productivity losses.
Our discussion is of a 39-year-old female patient I had the privilege to adjust about 15 years ago. She complained of a headache on the forehead,  inside her ears, and neck.

II. Treatment
Our discussion and treatment began day 1 as she was going to be let go from her current employment due to missing days and always feeling under the weather. (headaches) My findings were pretty profound that a Subluxation existed in her upper cervical spine. We began adjusting her spine and using heat, in this case, for symptom relief. It came up during our consultation that she had been in an automobile collision 12 years prior to me seeing her. Her vehicle fell into a ditch on the side of the road. She did not receive any treatment.
III. Prognosis and Outcome
As expected it was going to take some time to recover. Her symptoms were at their worse the first 2 weeks and began immediately to subside thereafter. With each week her headache pain slowly diminished. From the moment we began adjusting her, her sick days were nonexistent and her productivity improved. This is a chronic condition so time and keeping with her appointments was key for recovery.
IV. Dr. Nassab’s Discussion
Her ability to keep working while under care was key for her and the lack of medication needed was what kept her focused. Her particular maintenance was easy thereafter as she did not want that pain ever again.
Headaches, once they begin, can have several stimulants to make them worse and better. Part of my job is to make sure everything the patient is doing is for recovery and not the opposite.
We all have the ability to heal and live a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic is a healthy choice you can make to keep your bodies nervous system tuned up.

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Richard G. Nassab, D.C.